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Well, in a nutshell, (because that’s where nuts belong and you don’t have time for the non-nutshell version, trust me!) I would describe myself as friendly and real. I try to be the kind of friend I like to have. I am an imperfect but forgiven child of God. Sibling to 12 (Yes, I have a rock star Momma! Extra props for birthing each of us unmedicated!) Auntie to 31 gorgeous people!

I am so blessed to be a good-to-the-bone, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly kind of guy’s wife. As happy as my life was, it was forever changed the day I found out we were having a baby! Pregnancy was good to me and I enjoyed every day of it, don’t hate me! There are no words to describe the day he was born and everyday since, so I won’t try as they will only fall short. Besides, if you are a mom, you already know what I am talking about! If you are on your journey to becoming a mom, you’ll soon know for yourself. I won’t try to tell you. People tried to tell me what it’d be like, they failed miserably anyway. See? There aren’t words!


Well, simply put, I have always enjoyed photography and in 2007 started charging for my work, making me a bonified photographer. I enjoyed it but not enough to pursue it full time, there was something missing, I suppose. I honestly didn’t love the entire process, just the actual photographing my subjects. The day I found out I was pregnant; I knew I would have to hire a photographer for his BIRTH DAY. I had a hard time finding a talented or willing photographer and searched high and low until I found just what I was looking for. Trouble was, she lived two hours away. We chatted. Admitted it was risky to hire with the distance. Took the risk. I mean, after all, I would simply put her presence in my birth plan. Simple. (Okay, I’ll admit, I strongly petitioned God!) And then I began thinking about the shooting births someday since there was obviously a need in our community.

Petition granted! (Thanks God!) She came, I birthed, she went! A few weeks later, our package arrived. WOW! What she gave us was such a priceless and amazing gift, really! The images from the most AMAZING day in my life are among our most treasured possessions. If my house was on fire, you’d better believe I’d grab the baby, the dogs (hubs might have to help with the dogs) and those photos. Not lying. Every detail captured forever. Waterworks every time we look through them.

I knew I must shoot a birth, you know; see if I liked it as much as I thought I would. I was surprised. It didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I like it about ten times more than that! Again, not lying. I knew I had finally found my passion! How could you walk away unchanged after literally viewing a miracle through your lens! And it sure made the editing much more fun! I never tired of seeing that Momma or her sweet husband and that sweet baby as I worked away editing those images.

So, here I am. Following my passion. Hoping you’ll consider me as your birth photographer. Fellow birth photographer friends have mentioned they offer their services because they want you to have what they did not have, that day captured forever in photographs. I feel blessed to say I want you to have what I have, a priceless treasure. Your labor of love, your love breathing its first breath. Love looking in your eyes for the first time. Touching love. Holding love. Love photographed.

Call me! We’ll chat about the rest!

Phone: 417-230-5323

Email: info@thebirthstoryteller.com

We would like to thank you Sam for capturing our memories in such a unique and special way. Working with you was like working with someone from our family. You were warm and caring and in doing so, you brought out the natural side of us to create real life photographs. We are both glad to know we have found a photographer who can join us on our journey through life. May God always bless you!


Your Friends,

The Becketts

Your cover page and families area is my lovely daughter and her family. You bring tears to my eyes with the beautiful work you do. Thank you so much for the picture of Deven catching the leaves. I am going to purchase that one especially. God has blessed you with the talent He gave you. Thank you for sharing.


Donna Vargas

Edgewater, Florida

You are such an amazing photographer!! I had a blast with you during the photo shoot. Your creative ideas made for very cool pictures!! I absolutely love all my pics! Thanks for taking the time to do them!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to get some GREAT pictures of my Little Man! You are great with kids and do a awesome job at capturing their personalities!! We can't wait for our next visit!!

Sannetta is AWESOME! She does anything you want to make your photo experience AMAZING! She is very in tune with what your needs and wants are. She will go the extra mile to make you and your family feel comfortable, at ease and so photofabulous! She ROCKS! ~Jenna